Keeping Up To Date With Technology


Radio/Audio podcasts

Spark (ANNE)

A CBC radio show hosted by Nora Young. Nora and guest hosts interview experts from around the world on the latest technology topics and issues (i.e., driverless cars, internet security, online privacy, artificial intelligence, what the tech giants are doing...)

The Telegraph's list of the best technology podcasts

A list from 2016 of tech writer Pete Naughton's favourite podcasts.

VentureBeat's list of ten best technology podcasts

Science writer Jordan Novet's 2015 favourite listens. (BRENT)



Leo Laporte's TWIT TV

A weekly video show featuring the latest technology news. One of a number of tech-related video series hosted at that website.

What the Tech?

A YouTube channel devoted to technology topics, with commentary by Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott. Includes advertisments. 148 videos.

Engadget article “Top Ten Popular Tech YouTube Channels”

These YouTube channels cover a variety of tech topics.

TED Talks – Technology

Talks by experts on a variety of technical subjects, from historical information to the latest concepts.


Web Sites

Right Now in Electronics – How Stuff Works

This website hosts videos about technology, sorted by topic.


The latest news about technical advances. This site also hosts Crunchbase, a database of computer hardware and software information.


Articles about a variety of technology topics.

Wikipedia (ANNE) Example 1 Example2

A good source for organized information about established topics. Thousands of articles about technological subjects, categorized and with Navigation Boxes to help you find what you need. Not a good source for the latest gadgets or this week's news.


Product reviews, how-to articles, tech news and free software downloads


Lots of Linux news, sorted into categories. (ALEX)


Social Media

Tech Drop Box (Facebook)

Join this Facebook group and you will see in your feed short posts about various tech topics, links to articles, and discussions.



WIRED Magazine

Technology articles, software and hardware reviews, editorials.

Computer World

Reviews, technology tips, practical advice about using computers.

PC Magazine

Software/video game reviews, hardware features, technology news.
  Free online magazines - technology section (ALEX)

Durham PC Users' Group newsletter

Our club newsletter, with news of interest to PC computer users, including Windows and Linux, reviews of free software and new gadgets.


Message Boards and Forums


This website has news about home automation, and also a forum section where users share information

Mailing Lists, RSS Feeds (HUGH)

Mailing lists are like message boards or blogs, but the postings come right to your e-mail. You sign up to received the ones that interest you. (HUGH)