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* These tunes were composed by Anne Delong.

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Table of Contents

Accidental Mazurka*
Admiral Elliott’s Eye*
All the Way to Downeyville*
Almond Icing*
Amanda Marie’s Dance*
Angeline the Baker
Beadle’s Beard, The*
Between Secrets*
Between the Curtain & Wall*
Blackthorn Stick, The
Blarney Pilgrim
, The
Blue Fedora, The*
Bonaparte Crossing the Alps
Boundary Road, The*
Bowmanville Waltz, The*
Boys of Blue Hill, The
Butterfly, The
Carefree on a Sunny Saturday*
Cedar Shingles*
Christopher's Double Cut*
Cider Press, The*
Cinnamon Stick *
Cockle Shells
Cornflower Jig, The*
Crabapple Wine*
Cream of Barley Mill, The*
Crystal Woman, The*
Curtis the Music Man*
Division Street March, The*
Don't Kick that Can*
Drumlin Dance, The*
Doon the Brae
Duelling Butterflies*
Eric's Army Boots*
Eyes of Pearly Grey*
Fairy Dance, The
Fine Rose Lashing, A*
Fish in the Fountain*

Flowered Path, The*
Flowers of Edinburgh, The
Forty-two Pound Cheque, The
Frost Line*
Frosty Jig, A*
Gaberdine Waltz, The*
Gloxinia Waltz, The*
Golden Locket, The*
Grace on Two Feet*
Granite Ridge*
Gregory and Alana's Waltz *
Halting March, The
Halyard Bend, The*
Harried Husband, The*
Harvest Home
Hedgehog Hornpipe, The
Holey Pockets*
High Road to Linton, The
Hummingbird Hornpipe, The*
Inky Fingers*
Ivory Brocade*
Jittery Jig, A*
Junco’s Jacket, The*
Julia Delany
King of the Fairies
Knots in my Shoelaces*
Lasses Trust in Providence
Last Golden Hour, A*
Lemon Lime Polka, The*
Limerick Tinker, The
Live at the Black Horse*
Lively March, The*
Longworth Bridge*
Loon’s Call, The*
Mazarine, The*
Melissa's Mazurka*
Merry Merchants of Markham*
Middle Road March*
Mist in the Night Air*

Munster Cloak, The
Natalie Needs a Nickel*
North Shore Bay Waltz, The*
Nosy Neighbour, The*
Notice Me Not*
Nyth Y Gog (Cuckoo’s Nest)
Oak and the Gypsy Moth, The
Oarlocks, The*
Odell Street March, The*
On the Far Side*
On the Loop Wire Fence*
Oopsy Diddy Daisy*
Over the Waterfall
Paisley Pajamas*
Pear Blossom Polka, The*
Penniless Prankster, The*
Pepper Mill, The*
Pickled Onions*
Pinching Pennies*
Pink Slip*
Porcupine Jig, The*
Printer's Daughter, The*
Quadragenarian, The*
Quart of Ale, A*
Rachael-Mae's Reel*
Raggedy Jig, The*
Rear View Mirror*
Red Oak Reel, The*
Right Turn Lane*
Rights of Man, The
Russet Reel, The*
Rusty Wheelbarrow, The*
Salt Grinder, The*
Sandi & Cameron's Night Out*
Santa Anna’s Retreat
Second Reflection*
She Waits Among the Roses*
Silvery Band*

Singular Vision*
Slow Night in Old Town, A*
South Wind , The
Smash the Piggy Bank*
Split Ends*
Star Gazer's Waltz, The*
Swallowtail Jig, The
Strawberry Badge, The*
Swing On, Sydney*
Sylvia Dawn*
Take a Chance Two Step*
Tatter Jack Walsh
Tea and Toast*
Three Lakes Waltz, The*
Three-legged Stool, The*
Three Shades of Violet*
Three Trilliums*
Time Traces*
Travelling Vine, The*
Trembling Trellis, The*
Trimming the Ivy*
Trundle Wheel*
Two by Two Step*
Under a Purple Parasol*
Under the Butternut Tree*
Uncle Jim
Unionville Hornpipe, The*
Uppity Polka, The*
Velvet Ribbon Waltz, The*
View from the Veranda*
Walking the Ridgepole*
Waltz for the D String*
Waltzing Widow, The*
Watermill Jig, The*
Welkin Walk, The*
When We Were Waltzing*
With Folded Hands*