Table of Contents

Bakewell Reel* Happy Nuthatch Waltz* Snowy Evening Waltz*
Barbara in the Woods* Harmony River Waltz* Soper Creek*
Barefoot Sailor* High-Stepping Hornpipe* Sparkle and Spin*
Battle of Waterloo Homeward Road* Sprig of Mint*
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine Iron Behind the Smile* Spruce Needle Tea*
Boys of Wexford Jug of Punch Swallow's Tail Reel
Brushfire* Killavil Fancy Sugar-on-Snow*
Captain Rick vs. the Sailor* Long Sault Reel* Thirsty Traveller*
Cardinal Jig* Lost Island Girl* Too Young to Marry
Catherine's Dream* Mallard on the Bridge* Umbrella Tree*
Carly, Bring the Barley!* November Midnight* Up on the Piney Ridge*
Cattle in the Corn Optimizing Andy* Vera May's Waltz*
Childgrove Peperomia* Waltz of Two Hearts*
Coleraine Quarter Line Reel* Wandering Son*
Crew of the Jackie M.* Rocking Chair Reel* Whistler's Journey*
Cuckoo's Nest Rose Tree Wind on the Shore*
Darlington Reel* Sailor's Wife Wiry Tom - 1*
Deckerville Days* Seeds of Serenity* Wiry Tom - 2*
Dungeonmaster of Asphodel* Severwright Waltz* Y Glennen (The Holly)
Father Kelly's Reel Silver Street Stride* You Married My Daughter
Free Spirit* Silver Spear (and Yet You Didn't)

* These tunes were composed by Anne Delong.

The Barefoot Sailor can be purchased online at Bandcamp, or at the Shmooosic shop in Baltimore, Ontario.

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